Galactic Funk #1 - GK Genetics - @Phylex (as grown by @spyralout)


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The rating system used on previous reports may have been too subjective. Ratings will no longer be published on my smoke reports.

Galactic Funk #1 - GK Genetics - @Phylex
as grown by @spyralout (previous Galactic Funk #1 [smoke report] was grown by @Phylex)


- Appearance – Tighter and denser than #4. A tiny bit of squish but to a hard stop. No bounce back. Less hairy than #1, but with similar color – lighter end of the dark green spectrum. Same level of frost but less glistening.

- Bouquet – Initial jar opening was citrus peel FUNK whoo!! Quick pull back of the nose from the jar but then an immediate re-dip for another whiff. Sweet citrus blossom floral. Beware of carrying in public places, it stinks! Double Ziploc minimum, “Smelly Bag” or jar recommended for transport.

- Dry Hit (Joint) – The citrus blossom comes through nice and strong. Funky backend is more prominent than #4.

- Smoke – Medium-bodied sweet floral. A bit expansive. Backend is like a skunk wearing week old socks rolling around in “citrus fruit” peels.

- Effect – Heady, but not in overdrive. Functional and a bit motivational. Similar to #4, but with more oomph. This is a good lunch time pick me up (some pizza).
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