God O War #7 - GK Genetics - @Phylex


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God O War #7 - GK Genetics - @Phylex
as grown by Phylex - this was cured at least 6+ months, so it naturally lost some of its vibrant green color, but definitely not the potency


- Appearance – Hard cured nugs. It is difficult to find something like this because most bud is smoked long before it gets to this point. Phylex was saving these samples for me until we met again. So it is quite an experience. The typical lime green of GOW has faded some, but the high is quite potent in different ways. Bud density is great, about 10% squish factor.

- Bouquet – Slightly minty gum. A bit of what I like to call "rustic" in the sense of the cure.

- Dry Hit (Joint) – Just like I remembered from samples of GOW that I grew myself. That oldskool "Freshen-Up" gum. The long cure factors into the taste, a bit like fresh cut wood on the backend.

- Smoke – Almost identical to the dry hit. This is rare for me. Smooth, no chance of cough for a typical joint smoker. Taste coats and lingers on the tongue.

- Effect – Cerebral with a splash of relaxation. Full J to the dome will get you to find something mind stimulating to do, although you may be slower at doing it.


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Thanks brother. I wasn’t expecting an actual smoke report. Lol. That’s awesome you took the time for it. Much appreciated. #7 and #9 were my least favorite and weren’t going to make the cut. I’m thankful we were able to meet up again. It was a long minute and is always a pleasure.
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