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I'm hoping I got in at a good time and there won't be better freebie selection around 4/20.. cuz I imagine that sale will happen again then.

Here's the haul..

Bad Dawg Genetics - Ma Gooey x Run Away Bride (10 seeds)1$0.00
Bodhi Seeds - Soul Axis3$0.00
Bodhi Seeds - Babylon Buster1$0.00
Bad Dawg Genetics - SFV Fighter SFV (clone) X Long Bottom Fighter1$0.00
Bad Dawg Genetics - Bye-Ya x Cake Fighter (10 seeds)1$0.00
Bodhi freebies - Lemon Lotus (Lemon G x Snow lotus)3$0.00
Bodhi Seeds - Cherry Trance (11 seeds)1$60.00
Bodhi Seeds - Cosmic Serpant (11 seeds)1$60.00
Bodhi Seeds - Star Flight Guava (11 seeds)1$60.00
Bodhi Seeds - Mountain Temple (11 seeds)1$60.00
Bodhi Seeds - Lavender Jack (11 seeds)1$60.00
Bodhi Seeds - SkyLotus (11 seeds)1$60.00
Bodhi Seeds - Soar (11 seeds)1$60.00



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Sign up for Pirate Ship........costs like $3.10 to mail a first class package w/tracking, then put in your mailbox with the flag up...It beats the shit out of going to the po, lol! And it's cheaper
Or just used them for the first time the other day to send a payment to headie gardens. First class shipping ($3.01 in this case) actually ended up being free because they give you $5 of postage free when you sign up. My first time ordering from GLG I sent in a priority mail envelope like they ask and that's $8. Next time I'm definitely doing first class mail


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After I grabbed that Dazzleberry to go with the Lavendar Jack there was only one left :) I'm weak.....and there are two kinds of guilt associated with the purchase. The first is that I really didn't need any I feel guilty for buying them. The second is that I really didn't buy I feel guilty for not loading the truck :)


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All I know is the grandkids saved me over 100 bucks....I looked but couldnt complete any purchases. I was pulled away from the puter.

I dont need seeds either so now i can breathe easier until the next bogo sale.
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