Greenhouse OPSEC

What's up, reason for this post is fairly simple. I'm interested in starting up an greenhouse OP funds ECT are ready to go. I have a few questions regarding OPSEC. The location is in the middle of no where miles away from everything everyone. Greenhouses of interest light dep, preferably 24x30 light dep solutions off-grid setup... I think you guys may know what I'm getting at.. Do you think this will cause any issues?? No way in hell you could see inside.


Habitabat autem somnium
I mean they couldn't do shit, fuck em..
Never underestimate your enemy particularly in this venture. Their propensity to inflict maximum pain on said issue is well known the world over. Also dont tell anyone, including the Mrs if it's illegal over there. Treat her like a mushroom. Feed her shit and keep her in the dark. One transgression against her in any way shape or form will have her ringing said LEO to inflict maxum pain towards you.
That being said all the best with your endeavour. Stick with predominantly Indica for shorter heights and faster finish times.
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