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Well I have been working on a replacement for the sin-thetic test runs I do as well as the Stress Tests I use synthetic for.

I have been left without a choice in regards to continuing the use of Generic Hydroponics formulas. Used those for decades but I refuse to support Hawthorne and their garbage commodity.

I used to recommend that Maxi Grow and Bloom for the poor and those who want a effective simple dry mix. Never again will I recommend anything GH.

So with that said, Grow More is the replacement company and the salts are of a higher grade regardless of the ratios one chooses out of the many offered.

Next up- Custom building and tailoring a dynamic nutrient profile that works for me and others I know. I hate to see people ripped off by nutrient companies and it's possible that I will be assisting with the development of a custom mix. I'm going to be in knee deep and thousands invested but hey I'll be selling salts to everyone I know that wants an alternative.

Thanks Grow More.. Looking forward to working with you and your team!


In Bloom
Just checked them out. I'm gonna have to give it a try. I'm tired of paying 30 bucks per pound for hydroponic research veg+bloom powder nutrients. They work great but so does a lot of other stuff for way cheaper.
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