Growing Vs Life

Hey guys just wondering in general what are your thoughts on how growing as a hobby or business has effected your life, relationships,family, friends just seems like it can go north or south pretty quickly without warning, so any past experiences good or bad, things you would change, things you wouldn't change, things not to lose sight of. Let's hear some wisdom??


My plants are therapy for me. No matter what my mood when I enter my grow the plants have a way of making everything else disappear. (As long as they're healthy)
My family will tell you I'm a much nicer person when I have weed. Daily smoker since HS so on the rare occasion when I am dry, I apparently get quite irritable. Ideally I'm never dry. They accept my love of cannabis and encourage me to get more involved in the community. They've noticed Im happier with actual gromies, even if it is primarily online.

Amos Otis

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I get no kick from champagne
Mere alcohol, it doesn't move me at all
I'm all done with cocaine
Flying too high with some gal in the sky
Eventually becomes a pain
So tell me what does it all mean?
I get a kick out of Brisco's Bargain Beans

[ apologies to Cole Porter RIP ]


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Back in the early 90's........pre-odor house fuckin REEKED badly. So much so that we didn't have visitors/folks over for years on end.

Beyond that...the perpetual aspect of it all kept me close to home....all of the time. Vacation? LOL. Nah.

And I never slept for shit. The only dreams I had that I remember (I don't dream thanks to almost 50 years of daily toking) were the boys in blue kickin the door in. was just a bit illegal then. the Drug Task Force from my County/Region was very active. They tagged a trailer with 225 plants in it just down and around the corner....and another time they suspected that a house 4 doors down from me was a grow house.....staked it out (they were almost sitting in front of my house) and then went in......only to find it was a flop house for a huge crew of illegal workers tapping the construction jobs in the area. My neighbors called me and said the cops were going door to door asking questions....and I was in full on bloom....just reeking the whole place out. My next door neighbor knew I grew....and she was the Sherrif....LOL. Our kids played together.......and it wasn't until years later that her hubby asked me if I still had my lights going in the crawlspace. Evidently a bit of light leaked out along the way.....uhhhhuuuummm.... with 100-200 clones going most of the could have been a real bummer....

But I only had the boys there once in 20+ years of perpetual.....and we had Med cards by worries. In fact, friends of my oldest son ripped off my GH and that is what brought em there in the first place. They found my weed.....all stinkin and sweatin in the bag at one of the kids parents house.....and THEY BROUGHT IT BACK TO ME....LOL. It was all incredibly surreal.....and they were very nice. Even more surreal! They kept asking me questions.....and wouldn't leave..... so i told em that the weed in that bag was my only meds...and those buds needed trimmed. The head cop looked at me funny and said "Trimmed?" I asked em if they minded if I gave em a lesson on trimming....and got the scissor out. After I trimmed a bud up the cops said " that's how it comes to look like THAT. I've only seen it in the bag like folks carry around. I had no idea you TRIMMED it". LOL. I thinki they stood there for a good 15 mins.....just watchin.

It was a small I ran into one of those cops the grocery...PO...etc. We'd just catch each others eye and wave...or smile...and that was that.

Those wuz the daze.......


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I'm still in a red state. With that being said, there's been so many technological advancements made in the last 15 years that growing clandestinely is not the challenge it once was. I started growing in 2008, so this is after carbon filters came out.. But man I couldn't imagine growing without one like @stiickygreen mentioned.

I do remember back around 2009 or 2010 having a lady friend over who knew I smoked weed, but didn't know about me growing it. She walked into my house and was like "it smells like you smoke a lot more weed than you told me you do", hahaha. Ever since then I've become a lot more careful about growing, l live in a different house nowadays, and my garden is in the basement now. Helps a lot with odors, such as when you're trimming or when the tents are open.

One thing I think of a lot is the network of friends I've created. If my furnace takes a crap on me, I can't call 1-800-Furnace, I have to call my HVAC buddy who's in the know of my garden. Same thing goes for other random shit, like plumbing, electrical, or even getting new windows. I'm real cognizant about who I'll let into my home.
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