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well I’ve bought my fair share or when my state had some bomb ass farmers markets some people gave some awesome unregulated ones for free that made you high all and it was funny how willing everyone was to giving stuff or trading with eachther.

anyways I’ve looked ag many videos on YouTube and I wanted to see your guys favorite tutorials or hints or ways in how to make gummie bears before I crack on this journey. All I’ve made for years is brownies, rso and that’s it (if you don’t cunt rosin lol)

I would think using Kief vs sugar trim makes all the world? I see so many tutorials they don’t use Kief and try to use bud or sugar trim, I would think just like the brownies . No wonder it taste like green matter

im sure theres tons of pheno hunters who love gummie bears and it would be cool to have a thread for em eh



How funny! I read that originally as 'count', and after you mentioned it, I went back and, bam. There it was. Clearly i'm not sensitive to that word anymore. I'd be a poor editor at this point.
I did the same thing and then I was rereading it and I was like "huh" haha. I am glad that you are not sensitive to the word. I truly hope that no one takes any offense to anything that I say or write. I definitely do not intend to offend anyone. Not to really harp on the subject, but this guy has a thoughtful article that he wrote on the subject of the power of words: Words have the power we give them - Nathan Bransford | Writing, Book Editing, Publishing
Positive vibes...



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It would be cool if we had a thread on them.

Gummy Recipe

@OldG and @Dino Party are what I would refer to as the resident experts haha. Thanks to the both of them, I have made countless batches to pass out. I just made another last night. Good luck in your endeavor! Positive vibes...

Edit to add: Did you type "cunt" in your post? Haha

Idk @Dino Party recipe but his look really nice. Been using @OldG recipe for a while, it's pretty solid.

Dino Party

💩🔥 💩🔥 💩🔥
also i am no expert i prefer to be called a gumchucker.

If you want to see my recipe its all in video format on my IG page @dinopartychucks. Its all in saved stories so IDK how to put it all on here but I feel like I did a halfway decent job explaining it. as always feel free to ask (up to 3) questions about it! JK you can ask like 5 or 6 if you want to though.
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