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(Edit: I failed to mention that I was in Canada. My apologies, but I feel it wiser to not cross international borders with something that is still illegal in an unfortunate number of places. It means I miss out on a lot of impressive genetics, but it also keeps me from being added to any more lists :cool:)

Anyone have any IBLs they want to swap?
Hybrids are cool, but I really like having the starting material myself.

Anyway, here's some of the stuff I have, should anyone be interested. Some are quite limited in quantity, some are plentiful.

Seeds I made:

Northern Lights-old school ancestor of much of today's weed. Not much flavour or taste unless you find something special, but big harvests and powerful indica effects. Great as half of F1s also.

Sweet Skunk(NOT Sweet Island Skunk)- sativa, 10 week flower, powerful mental effects, big yields

Blueberry-inbred mutant with hidden treasures, males seem to also make good breeding stock

African landrace sativas I possess but have not grown:
Swazi Gold
Malawi Gold
Mozamiquen Poison

And since they are plentiful and so far excellent, there is also Polar Beary, a Pineapple C99 x Blueberry cross that checks all my boxes.

Respond here or by PM, if you wanna play. :)
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