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@Texagonian has taken up the torch, and agreed to run preservation on Iranian!

Some strain information can be found here:

You can use this thread for tracking, and any other project related purposes.

Thanks Tex!


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Excited to see how these do!


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Quick update. Unfortunately only three of the seven seeds sent have cracked and sprouted, one sprout slow to stand and I checked the last few seeds still in paper towel and one more has partially opened so looking like 4 at the moment to work with. I’ll let the unopened seeds set to see what they do if anything but it is what it is I guess. Let’s see what they can do.E7E2725C-063B-4292-938A-EDFDBCF1BE03.jpeg


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Pretty upsetting this is all that popped for me but I’ll work with it and hope for a boy and a girl. If both girls how would folks feel about me selfing the Iranian (S1) for feminized beans. I’ve got a nifty reversal kit I scooped from @HydroRed . Anyway, here they are.View attachment 90722View attachment 90723View attachment 90724
Luck of the draw amigo. Two females with no potential males? A reversal is probably your best option. I'd do it. Now I have to watch! Good luck.


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