Look at wat i found need help identifying


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@TitoM Beautiful mushrooms . I'm not good at ID'ing wild specimens. BUT, NEVER eat wild specimens! :p
To help identify you could take a spore print. All active types will have dark brown/purple to black spores.
They usually show a bluing reaction when bruised.
Your location (state) could also be used to search for potential active specimens that do grow in your area.
Temperatures, habitat, and many other features also can be be used to help ID.
There are several Panaeolus and Psilocybe species that are not active and commonly found in yards all over the world.
There are also some deadly look-a-likes.
Good idea to NOT try them ;)


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So since I'm stuck at home can't go to work I was cleaning my yard and found these is this my lucky day r more trash? View attachment 4996 View attachment 4997 View attachment 4998
There's a couple mushroom identifying apps out there, but I don't think I would eat theny either. I found some last year behind the house and the app I used showed me two varieties that were very similar, one edible and one poisonous.


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Dude it took me 3-4 for years of reading and thinking about it before I tried. Seemed so daunting, but it's really easy if you understand the process and when sterility really matters. Just gotta play by the rules is all
Yea I'm just in the early stages of learning how it works so It'll be a little while before I get anything going.
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