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I'd like to try some autos for outdoor this season. I'm not looking for anything in particular.
I have a small collection of regs to trade. Willing to do a 3-5 or more regs, for each 2 autos, depending on your choice and my stock.

So.. If you have any extras available, any strain or mixed varieties, and would like to try a reg variety pack, shoot me a pm or post here. I will make it worth your while ;)
I'll pm you a list of what I have available and estimated quantity. Most multiple crosses, some old school, some known names/strains, from both forum breeders and sellers/seed banks.

Thanks, jpc ✌

Mr Toast

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Hey JP

Living in Central Canada...I've been experimenting with Autos..I'd be up some trades...I have some extras I can trade..

- Tangiematic (Fastbuds)
- Tangiematic x Ultimate Auto (Dutch Passion)
- Tangiematic x Green Crack (Fastbuds)
- Amnesia Auto(Royal Queen Seed)x [Green Crack auto x Jack the Ripper photo]...reg seeds

- I've also created my own Strain of Auto..I call Genesis..(my start anyway..chuckle..)
Girl Scout Cookies Auto(Fastbuds) x GG4 (Expert Seeds..suppose to be based on real deal)x Jack the Ripper (Subcool..photoperiod)...I ran f2 of these , identifying those with recessive auto genes) to create an Auto flowering poly hybrid...regular seed(so I would have male Autos)..Excellent foundation for breeding Autos

The Amnesia cross was intended to enhance sativa strength and introduce male genes for breeding autos which are traditionally sold as fem seed..the Amnesia has very good Candy terps and fast finishing.

I believe I might have some extra GIrl Scout Cookie x Genesis beans too...

I'm looking for more photos..sativas and old school type stuff in an attempt to improve my autos if possible...


Mr Toast

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I have a bunch of Mephisto, well mainly a lot of the freebies, but I have some of their actual offerings too. I’ll send you a list tomorrow if you’re interested
Hey AA..
If you're interested in trades..I've got photos as well as Autos..I'm pretty easy going as far as trading..just looking for different stuff really..As far as Mephisto, I have a few..but
looking at others primarily larger strains or Super Auto types..( any seed company really) Just let
Me know what types of things you're looking for..?



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NIce Mr. Toast thanks for chiming in. I'm actually having a bit of issues with my mail right now. Not receiving items that are Priority mail, tracked, and bouncing around the country repeatedly. Also my first class/ regular mail has pretty much been non existent for more than 2 weeks. I'm only gettin local junk mail. ( No bills though lol, a plus) Not sure whats up. POst office/USPS in general, is struggling obviously.
Let me get this sorted out and then we'll talk. Got some Old School available ;)
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