Autoflower nutrition

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Any tips and discussion here.

Do you generally feed Autos less nutes than photos, or does it depend on the strain?

I find that some autos show signs of clawing with regular nute regime (per bottle instructions), so need to cut it into half in coco coir..

Do you use light mix soils with autos, or the same as with regs?

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I use promix all purpose soil and there is just enough in it to get them to about 3 weeks. I only feed recharge and a little silica during this period. When I start feeding I start at 1/3 the recommended dose. When buds start to show and I start seeing frost I bump it up to 50%. Last grow I fed them like they were photos and only 2 of 6 liked that. The rest grew all kinds of fucked up lol.
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