Looking for elite cuts? Just help a furry friend!


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I caught this post over on the Strainly thread on RIU, and figured someone here might be interested. I've already talked to him, and he's a known member over on icmag, and should be on the level. I donated already, and will be looking forward to that OGKB 2.0 back in my life soon! He's got some killer new and rare cuts, so get em while you can, and help a cute pooch while you're at it!

Text from post:

Hello everyone. I have a buddy whose dog needs an operation. He's a fellow grower but it's not a business and he barely gets by working minimum wage. The vet bill is way out of his price range and so he set up a GoFundMe. I'm doing everything I can to help and have decided to make some of my elite clone collection available to anyone who donates to the fund. 1 clone for each $100 donated. Here's what's available:
-Chem D
-Chem Sister
-Mass Super Skunk
-Wedding Cake
-Mac 1
-OGKB 2.0
-09 Animal Cookies
-Santa Cruz Blue Dream

I realize I'm relatively unknown here but I'm quite well known on another forum and can verify privately to anyone's satisfaction who I am and that this is a legit offer and these are verified cuts. Once the money goal is raised they will no longer be available. I'm just trying to help out this little dog that has shown me lots of love any time I've seen her, and I can't stand the thought of her being in pain. Send me a message if interested. Here is a link to the GoFundMe:

You can email him at chibachi@protonmail.com if you're interested.

I can't verify 100%, only because I don't know him personally, but I know his name, and am 99.9% confident, myself.

I also invited him here, so hopefully he'll show up eventually, but I did get his blessing to start a thread for him here.


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As a heads up I've been chatting with this gentleman as well. He seems to have a pretty solid paper trail for everything and has been really up front about what he knows, has pics of everything and I've been through his icmag journal ... he walked me through where the MSS and Giesel came from and its not 100% but it seems pretty legit... some old school east coast breeders are holding the same cuts and vouch for them but there is a little controversy... but hes the one who told me everything and has grown them out himself so he's definitely not trying to cover anything up... I'm probably going for a couple cuts, just waiting to hear back from him on a couple things


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Animal Cookies and the Chems
Good choices.
You don't see the animal cut around a whole lot, and other than the D, those chems are pretty rare too!
That's one of the reasons I went with my choices.
The 2.0 is the only Cookie cut I've been interested in for a minute, and the Giesel is so rare and intriguing, I couldn't pass it up. Rather than fight the indecision between the chems, and MSS, I might as well grab a combination of those available lol
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