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Male cannabis plants are important in breeding and in the natural cycle of the plant. I think they are beautiful in their own right and I thought to have a collected place for enthusiasts to share their best male flower pics. As I have no old photo stock left from my own grows, I´ll just start with a nice one from Wikimedia I found online while researching. I hope it might inspire others to share their (sparkling..?) male treasures. So without further ado, here´s in my opinion a fine example from Thimpu, Bhutan. Makes a damn fine desktop wallpaper too..!


Bad Dawg

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Bad Dawg here

Well I just happen to be stress testing my Space Monkey male . I wilted him. Put him in the dark for a couple days. Put him under 24 hours of light for a couple days.

Now he’s been outside for two weeks and made it through some pretty hard frost. Looks like he’s a keeper. 377F218E-2EAF-403A-87D3-E31D2F1F69D8.jpeg F19E0ED0-3191-4FC1-83FA-BE9EE8E3D529.jpeg 8DD19706-1DD1-4216-851C-9AB9B4512C8A.jpeg 54B478E6-4323-4EBA-8662-D47D4B141144.jpeg


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