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Here is my grow room I put a solid core door up with a deadbolt I have a 4x4 tent and a 5x5 tent and than a storage area in there as well I ran electrical so this room is on it’s own 20 amp breaker, than it has heat and air conditioning I will update in the next post with my lights








In Bloom
Here is my 5x5 tent I have 750 watts of strip lights on a frame that is 4 1/2 by 4 1/2 with 2 meanwell drivers outside of the tent, than I have 6 inch infinity cloud line fan I run this tent for veg and flower as well as my other tent I use it for both as well (don’t comment on my dirty fan and filter after I took this I realized how dirty it was so I washed the fan and the pre filter is in the wash right now lol)4F79A2BE-7323-4D84-8CB6-B5C709A3F453.jpeg084FBD4A-3C37-4270-919E-A71409886F90.jpeg


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This tent is kinda scary I was gone on a guided hunt for 4 days and everything kinda went downhill but it’s coming back to life they are a little over 4 weeks into flower there is 2 dyno berry bites, 2 gorilla og kush, 2 sundae banana cookies, and 2 autoflowers that where supposed to be delicious seed critical super silver haze but apparently I got ripped off but I’m just going with it lol 3B71D0A8-AD7E-4067-9445-776181980575.jpeg


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Here is my 4x4 tent at 6 weeks today the 2 on the left are eso’s dyno berry bites, than the middle front is an autoflower that is unknown, the 2 middle ones behind the auto is Heisen’s gorilla og kush, than the 2 tall ones on the right are sundae banana cookies and there is another unknown auto between them


this is one of the sundae banana cookies


here is the front auto it’s splitting into 2 on the top bud



J. James

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Here is the 5x5 tent 3 county ticket, 3 sangria cookies, 3 purple jelly pie all county line genetics @J. James .....than I added 4 plants 2 of eso’s stank bubbles and 2 of brisco’s bargain beans topanga bananas...thanks to @J.James my plants are all starting to bounce back and are starting to green up and look a lot nicer I appreciate it manView attachment 47313
Looking good brother, Keep it up and they will take right off
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