Most amazing thing ive seen in cannabis?


bad mother chucker
Sounds as if they used cannabis rootstock. Not too shabby an idea to keep multiple strains alive.
But if it encounters a problem they could likelier all die out compared to having 5 separate plants/rootstocks.
I thought about and even briefly experimented with grafting, with thoughts of making a mega-mom but ultimately decided it was too much work. Grafting is difficult and time consuming in my experience. My bonsai moms take very little room and can be swapped out when I find something better. It also feels like too many eggs in one basket.


In Bloom
Hears the GH grafts. Gmo, Alaskan purp, gg4, oshp.BL sos. And a few others. Little late in the season, been cold here so they may not finish. But it looks like under normal conditions they would do fine. Some stretch ore than others as they do on the mother roots.3410D15B-E8F3-4E31-9E7F-6822A5E61DB3.jpeg0114F90F-9210-417C-ADAC-0DA6F3FA8583.jpeg0FAFA7B0-935A-43A9-BFFE-B5303E0AC94E.jpeg762999C3-C978-4E31-8E31-80F11FC941F0.jpegB78AF3A5-0F4C-47B3-A342-A006C9A7C36C.jpeg
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