Namaste from southern virginia


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Also planning to donate here, been reading all night on the forum, still unsure of how it all works
You’ll figure it out it’s a pretty intuitive interface. Check out this thread:

it has a lot of info on how to use the site as well. If you still have questions post it or contact a moderator.


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I found this forum trying to read on Jamaican landrace strains. I've reliably sourced some and don't want to run them until I know I'm doing the proper thing. No matter your skill level or knowledge, I know that there is a mindset or energy within specific people that enables a relationship with this plant that transcends the current social understanding of cannabis. Within, 10 minutes I knew this was a group where needed to be. Glad to meet you all.
Welcome aboard @Longdaniel41. Just curious did you find us via a google search on Landrace Strains? Or were we linked somewhere?


Aloha Mon

my mom smoked that brand intill like 20 years ago when the price was so costly and e-cigs were cheaper and it made it so she didn't even eventually need to use nicotine in em, just flavor and vape.

so glad she switched cause I wouldn't be surprised if she con tinted it would of def killed her by now
I'm still getting ready to quit, been getting ready for 20 years, but I live on a tobacco farm now and watching em grow it is alot more motivation to quit
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