Paper Dispenser


Tilts at Tables
This is a hand made gift, from my late Father in law.

Intended for portioning double stacked regs.
I run the big ones, so this is how I use it.
My wife applies negative connotation to all this gear. Her old man would drag them constantly from B.C. to Quebec and squat their way back again. Warrants and "bad luck" would catch up with him, so he would sit and pound out license plates and leather. Ma did all the beading, and would deliver him hide stock and tools, every time he hit the can.
He would come out with product and they would hit from Scarborough fair, to the dirt rodeos, to Nelson Hippy central, and North to the Rocky Parks. There they could unload it like candy.

What a guy, hustler through and through. My wife couldn't tell you where she lived between the ages of 2-8, and never finished a grade in school until she split out at 15.
She started instruction on the Prairies , in grade 9. There wasn't a french speaking teacher in the county.
Now she has a high school diploma.

She loves and hates leather.
It brought her to me.
Properly taken care of, I will have it, forever.
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