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Hey all! Wondering if anyone has any recommendations for an LED fixture for my 3'x3' flower tent. I was thinking of grabbing a Timber finally but the month long lead time doesn't work for me. I need something in the next week or so before it gets too damn hot out.

Tried the local hydro supply but their cheapest option was $750 so that wasn't gonna fly right now. Would prefer something US made/assembled. Not really looking for DIY, just don't have time at the moment, looking for simplicity.

Budget: $500.00
Area: 3'x3'
Target Watts: 300-400 (higher with a dimmer is even better)


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I'm leaning in this direction. Pretty reasonable cost per watt and I think it would be fun to try a completely new light brand.
Unreal man I have been eyeing this for a long ass time , herk hooked me up w one and they are incredible. Like a tank bro . That's gonna be my next light. You might not get the fancy newfangled numbers but this light will penetrate like a motherfucker

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I have 2 of these 320 w boards with dimmers. Good price and quick service. Buy 2 is $20 off each board. 1 should be good for a 3x3 imo. He has a chat box on the site too if you have questions.
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