Remember your first doobie?


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I was 9 years old and snuck into the hatchback of my sister's escort when she was sneaking out. She found me when she got to her boyfriends farm. She didn't want to leave right away so her , and her boyfriend and his friend Greenbean(lol) share one with me in the cornfield lol. She told me I was saying things like I saw my mom riding a cow next to us rofl. Stupid lol. I never smoked again till I was 16 and in high school. What about you all?


1982, eleven years old
Got a fatty from a friend's older brother and each said we were staying over at the others house. Planned on sleeping in the woods. Got really baked and paranoid and ended up sleeping in an old 47 Chevy in my barn. Thought I saw an old woman riding a bear. Went back next day and there was a fake bear skin rug on a clothes line near the woods. Obviously I just saw the woman hanging it out but fuck if she wasn't riding that bear around her yard that night. Somehow that experience kickstarted my love of cannabis and I became a regular smoker shortly after.
16 yrs. old with two of my best friends and I didn't actually feel anything the first time. Quarter of a day rolls on and were still trying to get high with Josh's mom's homegrown stash reduced to leaves and popcorn flakes. It hit all of us with the same effect at the same time. We spontaniously lay on the bed laughing like fairies and could not hold it in.


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Summer of 1976 I was 15. I worked during the summers of '75 and '76 for a tent company, putting up and taking down tents for county fairs and festivals.
Long days and hard work; but it paid well. $2 an hour. lol.
It was a hot summer day on our way back to the shop, a co worker introduced me to weed. Three of us were riding in the back of a box truck and one of them whipped out a leather pouch and said "anybody want to get high". Long story short, he twisted up a joint out of some redbud he had. Been getting high ever since.
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Must have been summer 1984, was 13 and smoked a bowl of hashish from diy aluminium foil pipe with my best friend, we tripped hard lying on the grass and watching the clouds transform cartoonlike into squirrels etc. , laughing our butts off. Almost no one had bud, good moroccan and lebanese hashish was all we had for many years. Still prefer good hashish.

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I'd had my driver's license a few months, and was working nights after school at a warehouse in my sophomore year. On breaks, I'd usually walk across the street to a convenience store for a snack and soda. A girl that had graduated a few years before worked there p/t some nights. An amazon.....a couple of inches taller than me not counting the big hair, and likely 100 lbs heavier, as I was a reed-like skinny and she was do you say .....queenly. Big girl, but her weight was distributed well, maintaining curves, mostly because of a huge butt and massive hooters. She wore a lot of makeup, especially eye liner and bright red lipstick. Kind of like a taller and bigger and younger Kirstie Alley in Cheers. The only things bigger than that butt was her personality and knowledge of music, so we'd chatted a few times when she mentioned how most everyone had hated David Crosby's old solo album, but that you had to be stoned to really appreciate it.

I ended up really liking that album.


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13 living in Wurzburg, Germany. My buddy's older brother came back from Amsterdam with a bag of Super Skunk. We toked up at a little bmx dirt track/park. I kept trying to spit but nothing would come out, but then an older kid who was like a Junior or Senior in high school started yelling at me to stop spitting on him. I was just stuck laughing for a long while. I was absolutely amazed at everything, love at first sight.
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