Root aphid, relatively early/mid stage catch.

Hey everyone, as always, thanks for your time and help in advance. I have always used Botanigard for root aphids. Beauveria bassiana, seems to be the best approach, to just get the job done. And has proved its worth in my hands at least. Now, don't you all just love 2020!? Anyone else having just a full banner year or what!? I mean I'm straight killing it, the world couldn't be a kinder, gentler place. Our king seems on the up and up. Justice at every corner and good vibes as far as the heart can see?...... No,?...... Yeah me either, at all at all. At all. Ha. Anyway, the longest possible way I could say, so times are a bit tight and I'm strapped for cash at roughly $80-90 for Botanigard. I have sierra natural science, 203. If anyone has used it, would love to hear what a solid, root drench, from that formula does. I have read too many studies, very convincing ones at that, to change my mind on nematodes on these guys. And as I said, I really don't like messing around. I knock on the door, and just blast through it before they even open it, but as they approach it. Little bastards..... Anyway, anything out there, off brand Beauveria bassiana, or something that works, anyone can suggest? I'd be doing a drench on about 15, 3 gals fabrics. For what it's worth. Thanks again in advance for making it this far in my rambling rant with a root aphid problem slid in there somewhere,and for any help. Best of luck to you all.... Dirty fingernails and life's on rails for you all.
Edit: it appears that BioCeres G WP is now the preferred formula from them now for root aphids.


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Botaniguard does work ( just by itself root aphids at anything low levels they may def win), but I endorse a extra battle plan and cap from ogbiowar gave me advice when I was doing advisor work on root aphid infected rooms he told me to use botaniguard 22 wp + Grandevo + PFR 97 + ogbiowar (I didn’t use ogbiowar since it cost too much) = all mixed together .after trying this mix on multiple rooms it definitely works And reduced or showed the populations were “gone” or damn near, that’s a big thing to so many people and then some.

key is instead of “dunking your plants” individually in a tout/bucket is to have a tray for each plant ( I suggest pre feed/water so you don’t have to apply so much of this tea or it will cost you way more and water or feed before the biomix is applied ) than apply the bio mix and make sure you have a small amount of run off on your pots (5% is a good amount)

than wait 15-30 minutes and remove the trays and get rid of the bio run off . then re apply every 7 days

this method will work vs if let root aphids take control that’s at least 25%+ harvest lost or more, that’s why it’s def why it’s worth it to do this or your fucked even if you don’t eliminate them. IPM and stepping up is the key and when you guy these kind of products Inless your a big room you’ll prolly have multiple rounds worth ( hints why big ag uses it if they want to go biocontrol and organic and non oil ) the most expensive one out of the bunch is botaniguard 22wp.


predator for attack on the root aphid = rove beetle ( would not recommend for oitdoors but good for greenhouse or indoors)
they will eat alive and hunt fungus gnats and root aphids

+ good predator mite
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It’s been so long since I had any pest I am ocd and clean clean clean

There is some some kind of fungus you can give the colony that so they can’t eat and then the fuckers die

Good bugz bad bugz then there are those coocksuckers get ride of them fast
Yeah that's the Botanigard I was talking about. Works well. I haven't had pest in a while either, but one thing I've learned this year especially, if it's possible, it's going to happen this year. As far as bene bugs, there's not much that I've seen that actually do much at all to root aphids. But I appreciate it.
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