Rubber glove pro tip

Hey everyone, really quickly I wanted to make sure I shared this with my friends before I forget. I may have mentioned it in another thread somewhere, but not sure enough to reference it.
The companies that are putting out these "nitrile, rubber, etc" gloves, are currently doing so at a record pace, for obvious reasons. They are selling many more this year vs years past, so I am telling you from experience, no matter the cost or typical quality of the glove you are using, check them out for soap residue. I was doing a germ the other day and noticed, with a decent glove, the Venom stuff, and when that glove got wet from handling the soaking seeds etc, a massive amount of soap suds started developing. A lot of the seeds didn't make it and the few that did were very "interesting". Two of 20 made it all the way out, at the third ish leaf set. So just a warning as Im sure I lost a couple bucks worth of seeds there.
Why is there soap on the gloves anyway? The reason is, for lubrication during the manufacturing and packaging process. I won't get I to it, but normally the line I imagine is going slower and gloves able to be rinsed off better, im not 100%. Either way the quality control is less than normal. Beware..... Much love and the most positive of vibes coming down at ya from the home of lovers, VA. Take care everyone.


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Very good point !

good brand is the key (like 5ml thick) I get and I buy them in bulk vs hydro stores and locally ( not dissing , just wanna save cash) is glove wholesalers

and they will sell you a better price on the gloves per the box if you box like for example 10+ min

so I buy the Black lightning Size XL version and even reuse them intill I see a hole or damage ( key is to use iso 70% inbetween plants like a doctor and uses And also my scissors and any of my tools included for anti virus and pest defense )
Appreciate the heads up, not something I ever would have though to check. Next time I grab a box of gloves I'm gonna scrub one first to make sure their clean!

Crazy thing is I worry about this with everything else and wash anything plastic before I use it!
Yeah, never had the issue before. I really only wear them on germs and clones. Sometimes at transplant as well. But definitely only when the plants are at their most vulnerable. So, I what I do now, is just get the gloves wet before I use. If it suds up. I was my hands like a maniac and go in bare. At least I know I get the soap off. It is pretty tough to get the soap off this last box. It's amazing how much is on there, and no visible residue at all. It's wild.
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