S4SS - Seed 4 Seed Swaps

It's funny you mention snowcap. So I've got this ethos inzane in the membrane & ethos zsweet inzanity, multiple people hit me with, "maaaannnn that smells like some old school snowcap". I cant really say as I never had any snowcap so just thought I'd throw that out there 👍
About 10 years ago there was an insane clone only Snocap out of Albion. Then I met some folks in Humboldt that had what they called Snocap. Not the same. I heard the Mendo version eventually made it to seed form. Any acces to the Mendo version I'd trade anything in my box for. Almost anything the Mrs says.


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Hey friends! Looking to get into some bean trades since I'm trying not to buy anymore packs (yeah right). Shoot me a PM if anything interests you.

Stuff I'd part with :
Skunk Qabbage x Apollo 13 -AKBB
Bucket list 91 - AKBB
Flo - DJ short
Afgoo Overdrive - Subcool
Strawberry Daquiri- Subcool
Dawggone Sour- Subcool
Bodhi and CSI that I might not get to
Couple Thugpug packs
Lots more

Looking for:
More bodhi and CSI
Skunkhouse (larry OG / gmo bx )
Older Bodhi F2s
Doc D
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