The Official 2021 "Not 100% Pregnant" Contest


In light of all the baby making going on 'round here I think its appropriate to have a baby shower (for the stoner parents).

Not 100% Pregnant

It's another guessing game. How many beans are in this f/d tote?
Rules -
1. Tag 3 users - at least try to spell their handle correctly.

2. Guess how many beans are in the plants pictured.

3. No Duplicates! - its on you - first post will be only entry accepted.

4. One entry per person. (for 1st prize)

5. Closest guess from valid entry wins.

1st Prize - Choice of what colors are left - Glaslab 303 beaker bong.

2nd - 4th Prizes a selection of beans from this and my past projects. - By random number generator, the number of your post is your entry - multiple entries allowed.

International entries welcome.

Contest entry deadline is January 20, 2021 Midnight (MST). Palindrome anyone?

The seeds are part of a colaborative effort preservation attempt for BlueRipper. A thanks to @Buck5050 for donating pollen from his selected boy and this dendrogram.
The other donor is my selection.

Now lets have some fun!


You Never put range it would be ‘randomized picked’ example 01-1000 or w/e. If I missed it my bad

250 is my guess

My prediction @macsnax

@RainDan @macsnax @Frimpong
The range for prizes 2-4 is dependant on the total number of posts the thread ends up with.

In my last guess the number of beans comp someone was actually within 1, unforrunately it wasn't a valid entry - they didn't follow one of the rules.
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