Tuning PH to growth stage

Hey guys and gals was ripped yesterday off a DBB tester nug and was wondering if we're being generic with our techniques, I've been setting my reservoirs at 5.8 and letting it creep up to about 6.3 before setting it back at 5.8, now would it be more advantageous to keep the pH set at optimum levels based on stage of plant growth, like lower for veg and higher for flower to make sure we're making the max amount of said nutrient available during the times the plants are needing them most, may be overthinking it but was wondering the communitys thoughts on the matter


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Hey that's really cool, I was wondering the same thing. So I'm building this thing that will be able to definitively answer that question and many others I have, which you probably do as well. Eventually I'll be able to answer that I hope anyway.


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I've done some wondering on that as well. I however am in soil and can't do that experiment. Lol.
Going to follow along here and see what y'all come up with for a conclusion.
@dstroy0 is that the newest addition to the space station controls you've posted about? I haven't popped over to your thread recent to catch up.
It will go down soon too, I love experiments, haven't had a run without any lol probably do 2 strains in 1 tote and mirror it in another, run 1 customized and 1 with the normal swing method, I run everything pretty much the same so should be some kind of notable difference, only way to make it better would be to use clones for the consistency, but I'll do it with seed some kind of data will come out of it
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