Weird shapes seeds?

Surprise! I forgot about it after I squeezed the shell to crack it. Just checked it out. It’s a little stretchy, it was in the dark on the cold floor, I had written it off. It looked like the shell was pretty tightly attatched, so I took a pair of fine tip(nose hair) scissors and inserted it into the open side of the shell, gently open the scissors and popped off the shell. I guess we will see 3875CBDB-39B2-40B0-8A7E-63B695E7865A.jpeg


bad mother chucker
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Nice! Very cool that it popped.

BTW, another way to help remove stubborn seed husks if you'd rather not touch them, is to wet the husk. I generally use a fingertip and put a single drop of water right on top and it often softens it up enough to open on its own. Sometimes it takes a couple of applications. I've successfully used small pliers as well, but always worry my clumsy fingers will cause damage.

Good luck. Hope it takes right off for you.
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