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Welcome to Phenohunter @Bad Dawg !
Welcome! Any idea where I can source some pure LBL seeds? I have some in my collection that brother Loran sent me years ago, but I am a little bit worried that they will not germinate. My homie Ohthatguy told me that you made quite a few hybrids with it a while back. Any information is truly appreciated. Thanks for holding it down at GLG as well. You do great things! Positive vibes...



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Just got a free minute to register here. Big shout out to @HydroRed for the invitation. Hope everyone is safe in these crazy times.
I am Bad Dawg Genetics , AKA Dragboatjeffy, AKA Greatlakes Genetics . May your garden be green in 2020🥳
Awesomesauce you came by mang. 👊👊👊
Some bad ass stuff I've seen come from your seeds.
Good stuff right there, love GLG.
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