“You know your a grower when =“


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you know ur a grower when =

When ur cruising and u see misc land/properties and all u see is misc used and wasted land cause there’s not a indoor or outdoor growing.

if only the drama wasn’t there, I would be buying up farm land and have that little farmers shack selling my bud at 10 a oz with a smile on my face. yeah corn is really worth it , govt even has to give em money back

A few years ago there were about 400 hectares of licensed hemp out this way.
Locals had split reactions:
1. - They're growing weed - Oh No! 😱
2. - They're growing weed - Whoa! 😍
3. - Bro, I stole 4 plants and none of em were stony! 🤣 (There were signs saying "No THC" everywhere)

The farmers have been trying to get them to re-up the licensing so they can put hemp into rotation again.
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