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ACE Seeds Panama - moving this over from the South America thread - mods feel free to delete the one I created in there


Ran only a few seeds from the pack and found one female, very big, vigorous, very sativa. Ran it 12/12 from seed (like everything I do) and it transitioned into flower after about 3 and 1/2 weeks, which is longer than modern hybrids, but still a bit shorter than other very heavy sativa strains that I have ran recently. We got the 'pink pistil' expression that I have read about from ACE and others who have ran panama landraces.

Trying to maximize headroom as the stretch winded down. This plant barely fit in a 5ft tall tent. Unfortunately I didn't give it enough nutes and let the PH get a bit imbalanced a few times throughout the grow so the lack of beautiful deep green color is on me.








A very citrusy terp profile here, it wasn't very unique from a terps persepctive, mostly lemony citrus with some very subtle complex metallic notes and maybe a tiinnny bit of that south american sativa musk.
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