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Afgaan 90

Genetics: Afghan (Dutch – American Heirloom)
Type: Pure Indica-type
Height: 0.75 – 1.8 metres
Indoors: c. 56 – 70 days
Outdoors: October
Classification: C. sativa subsp. indica var. afghanica (x C. sativa subsp. indica var. indica?)

Afgaan 90 is a pure Afghan Indica-type heirloom direct from 1990 Amsterdam seed stock.
Seeds labelled ‘Afgaan’ were acquired in Amsterdam in 1990 and stored long-term. Now, 30 years on, the strain is alive and kicking, straight from the original 1990 seeds.
Two main types are shown by this strain, namely dwarf broad-leafleted and taller, more narrow-leafleted variants.
These are high-yielding plants with big colas that dry to nice, solid nugs. Often purple colours are shown.
Buds are intensely resinous. Aromas in flower range from candy-sweet floral to diesel and hash. Smoke is earthy and spicy.
The high is positive and warm, with pleasant body effects and a sense of well-being. Notably, there is none of the paranoia or dysphoria associated with some well-known Indica heirlooms.

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