Any idea what these are?


So we've been battling bugs for a few months in our greenhouse now, in Hawaii. I lknow that there are plenty broad mites around, and they are causing trouble from the cannabis guys to the coffee guys. We have thrown the kitchen sink at them, and still have our fingers crossed that we may get some good IPM in place that can actually work against these demon spawn.
However, yesterday when we were scoping some leaves @ 400x or so, we found something tiny that we havent seen before, and were hoping somebody might have an idea....
My partner thinks its just some random pixelization or trick of the eye, I am just assuming its a new superbug after my soul.
Its blown up big as can... What does anybody think?


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if it was me as a suggestion I would get a better picture and upload and email it to a big wholesaler (ph too if you want more input ) and see what they say, if they are a legit bug company for ipm. They know their bugs and issues. A company I have used for confirms and also purchased their biocontrol many times and also saved me from buying stuff when they confirmed it was beneficial s i ethier bought or naturally occurring/don’t worry about . 100% legit and I would back anyday

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