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Among the old school this book set the bar. I'm sure there's more and possibly better examples now with a bigger glossary. The nomenclature inaccurately used is okay even though often inaccurate.

Example- Calyx is the commonly used word to identify a Bract and the Calyx is actually inside the Bract.

Marijuana Botany: An Advanced Study: The Propagation and Breeding of Distinctive Cannabis
Book by R. C. Clarke
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looks like its clear to download, i just havent yet because i'm usure of its size vs the memory on this chromebook lol.
Ditto and I have an old beat up copy stashed in the library 😁 but it's sure is Kool to see it like so without ever a worry! I had to go through a lot of shit back in the day to get any Marijuana literature outside of the High Crimes Mag and Ed Rosenthal. Mail order was simply out of the question due to Operation Green Merchant, so obtaining even a simple book took a bit of creativity to get ahold of. Only a few select head shops and hydro stores carried such and it was a norm for parking blocks away never using a vehicle that was registered to the address of the grow.

Anyways, just reminiscing now about the 90s and the way it was. I only obtained a few books with this one being on the list of and I only bought one lamp back then as well. Really sucked carrying that old antique hps for a few blocks hidden in a army duffle bag lol
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