Canadian Growers Thread - Canucks Represent!

Happy New Year, my fellow Canadians. Here's a heart warmer to start your 2021. Everything about this story makes me happy and everything about it is pure Canada.

Vishnu Gopansothilingan greets customers at the Tim Hortons drive-thru at Bathurst and Rutherford with positive energy that brightens everyone's day,

"He makes your day," said Shulman. "This guy, he fist-bumps you, he gives you weather reports. Everybody in the community thinks they're special and he only does it with them, but it turns out he's doing it with everybody."

Gopansothilingan was studying IT at York University, but dropped out due to financial constraints.

When Shulman heard his story, he organized a GoFundMe campaign called "Vishnu The Tim Horton's Happy Fist Bumper!"

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