Canadian Growers Thread - Canucks Represent!


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BC BUD....isnt that godbud? (Hawain Skunk X some unknown).

And sturgeon...that is one of the tastiest fish. I dont want to catch one but i dont mind eating them :D
That was definitely known as BC Bud outside of BC, for sure. But a lot of strains came out of BC called BC Bud. Jordan of the islands created a lot of the strains that made BC famous. But he sadly lost all those famous mom cuts to the popo in a raid.


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Luckey me recieved a cut and then later a male of old Jordan godbud genetics, pre bust. Thanks again Heathen.
I have lots of seed preserved, and just popped a few to do some auto crossing. Going to see if i can get some of that good grape turpyness to auto.
I havent really talked to hethen about how and what he selected, but im thinking its more of the hawian side he selected for. The mom i have can get big. Was 6' in the greenhouse last fall.
Im hoping to get a good male and female i can cross both ways to some auto genetics. Hopfully will be able to get a second generation seeds gojng for next spring.


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JOTI and Breeder Steve, yeah? Seems like them and House of the Great Gardener get the majority of breeding credit around there.
Breeder Steve really put BC on the Map. His Blockhead, sweet tooth and shiskaberry were legendary, you see Blockhead and sweet tooth in the lineage of many of today's best strains. And yep Joti, hogg, and honestly a good handful of organized crime affiliated breeders that were operating large scale breeding programs in the wide open back then, smuggling in exotic strains from around the world and selecting phenos from tens of thousands of plants for mass production, as well as creating several popular triploid gmo varieties like the first pink kush to hit the market. It was a hotbed of canna-activity for a couple decades here.
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