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Celestial Ghost - GK Genetics - @Phylex

- Appearance –
Smaller nugs, but dense and compact. Slightly darker green. 7.4/10

- Bouquet –
Earthy, woodsy, definitely not a fruity strain. The smell is subtle, not in-your-face like some others. 7.3/10

- Dry Hit (Joint) –
The earthiness is very present, like the pleasant "after rain" smell. 7.8/10

- Smoke –
Likely due to the more subtle smell, it translated over to the smoke taste. However, it was a smooth smoke that doesn't make you cough. 7.8/10

- Effect –
Back of the head feeling that wraps to the front of your eyes, very prominent feeling at the bridge of your nose. About 1-1/2 J's in, and we were in the "Stuck Zone." Decisions on what to go eat, but not going to get it, for about an hour. 8.0/10

Overall Rating (based on average of scores) – 7.7/10

Check out GK Genetics (@Phylex) in the Grow Journal West Coast Chronicles for more information on this strain such as lineage, flowering times, and availability.
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