Clone Only Varietals


In Bloom
I think the world of a lot of those old Elites that persevered through decades of the Drug Wars and more.

Perhaps a place where others can come together and discuss these old Elites and what is being done to preserve the Genetics of each, be it through selfing or outcrossing and backcrossing.

I've made it a goal to self each of my own Elites I've collected from the Chem 91 to the oldest of the Bubba's and OG as example. There's many many more, but I can't work them all, let alone keep half of those old gems -let alone the new new...

Feel free to add anything you like, but please only cuts that others can obtain without taking out a second mortgage lol.. Likely these will be just like the other Elites now in mass circulation that not long ago only the so called privileged held..
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