Cloning under leds?


American Ninja
Just figured I'd ask. Are you cats cloning under led, I'm sure people are for sure but just curious. I've been vegging under t5s forever and just recently went full leds. Using 2 hlg65s instead of 4ft t5 and wondering if rooting cuts will be same same.

Got seedlings under the 65s so figured cuts will go under them too.


pHeno pHisher
does the intensity of light need to be dimmed while cloning if you are using say 480w? or merely height differential. my first led arrives july 5. pretty stoked. want to make sure my clone game is right if i can now have perpetual grows indoors
I threw my clones under a Mars TS1000 and dimmed to about 50% at around 18”. They showed no sign of stress and adjusted nicely
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