Drying and curing in a dry climate

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This method is a bit ghetto compared to @ricky_simples excellent write up but works really well when dealing with a dry climate. The total time on this is 30 days and it is divided 3 ways. A day or two before harvest cut off all fan leaves that have no trichomes and leave the remaining on the plant. First is hang time usually 5-7 days (If you can not maintain a 60% humidity). Second step is to cut the branches with the buds on them to roughly 6-8" long depending on the size Tupperware container you use. I use like 9"x9"Tupperware container. I lay the pieces in the container about half full or a little better than half way. Leaving the stems on rely slows the drying process. Each container has its on hygrometer laying on the top. You can open them maybe a couple times a day if need be and completely turn the flower over in the container. Depending on your hygrometer reading you will either have the lid on strait or have it partially open to reduce humidity ( The tupperware lid is your throttle control for humidity). This just takes a little practice not hard. Okay so the Tupperware step is roughly 2 weeks long. It has been 3 weeks since the plant has been cut it is now time to do final trim and into jars for the last week of this method. If the quantity is larger than the above i suspect you could use sealable 5 gallon buckets. The really harvest tubs 001.JPG harvest tubs 002.JPG harvest tubs 003.JPG harvest tubs 004.JPG cool part about this method is most of all the sugar leaves are so dry they practically fall off when trimming. Never had trimming so easy.
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