In Bloom
They are outside so we got a few weeks left at least . It’s amazing how far behind they look when hit early tho . But tbh it’s nice not having to worry about bud rot . And ty ! These are my two fav cuts atm .
I certainly miss growing outdoors . It’s just so simple for me anyway and no size limits . Don’t be surprised if your outdoor season temps drag on a bit longer than usual .


In Bloom
Pigs In A Blanket #1
Day 52/53 of Flower
Nose: very strange,I get cooked meat, sweet chem and dough it’s like the weirdest but most intriguing aroma.
Frost: 8/10 she’s icey boy’s
Appearance: are you fucking kidding me… look at it 🤩
Structure: single main cola with multiple smaller colas surrounding it. Idk the technical term. Excellent calyx:leaf

overview: I’ve liked a lot of Freak Genetics offerings but this one seriously stands out. I got 2 other phenos I will post when closer to being done like this one but so far this Beauty is the prize of my garden right now.
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