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Find a good it up.

Here's my most recent one and I got it from the riu deals thread. I bought and have in hand the 5 gallon bags and the 15 gallon bags. I just ordered the 7's and 10's too. These are fabric bags that are priced like plastic grow bags......the 15's are under a buck!!! yeah...think about that, lol.

What you need to do is order 1 set at a time to get the full discount on each set. Order, checkout, rinse, repeat. 5 gallon bags were 60 cents...then they go up to 90 cents for the 15 gallon.

That's dirt, lol :) This can't go on for too long................:dancingchicken:

Amazon product

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Grab the 5's and roll them down :) They had the 3's included last week, maybe they running out now.

Their 5 gallon bags are 11" diameter x 9" tall, a little on the small side. A vivosun fabric bag measures 12.6 x 9.84 for reference. It may be a 4 gallon in reality.
Grabbed the 5's. $9.22 out the door and here tomorrow! Terrific thread idea Willie and tip of the cap for the heads up on these. 👍


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yep, that's a clone of one of the contest beans. I was light depping it, but this monsoon atmosphere around here started passing bud rot around. So I took it early for was sparkly. I had the worst luck on my two contest plants but I hope this one can get to the finish. It's mom looked pretty good before the rot.
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