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Getting dirt has been a pita....I have to burn a $20 in gas just to go. Meanwhile Coast Of Maine potting soil and the Lobster compost are what I get. Enter Ace hardware.......they are actually cheaper and they deliver.......and there is 15% off since thanksgiving. 12 cu. ft. of potting soil and 6 cu. ft. of Lobster compost was $143 delivered. That works for me, ymmv :)


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Last day of 15% Sale off new HLG models!

50% off all products, wow could get a QB of fresh cbd/delta 8 for 40 bucks , why even grow it if you wanna try it first. awesome pricves and this group has won a few cups in there state.


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What's opinions on these?
You'll have to check skunky but I think the micron size on the bag is too big. I looked at a lot of these. I found a place in the UK that specialises in pollen bags aswell as 3d ones with windows to see through. I'll find the email I've got and put it in here. They are a little expensive but reusable many times over.


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What's opinions on these?
My mistake, these guys are in the States. I'm sure I was speaking to a fella from the UK. Maybe another supplier, I'll see if I've got that one. Hope this helps for now


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Granted....this is a bunch of jello. But jello has gone way up over the last few years. And I can not find grape.ever...then there it was on amazon this am. 24 6 oz boxes for $35. Those are the big may be a typo..grape is always higher than everything else.but I ordered one and there's 2 left.

Amazon product

Well, at least now we know what to get ya for your birthday!…lol👍🤣


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Pulse grow is running a sale if you need two monitors. 499 for a pulse and a pulse pro, I can't quite justify it.

Honestly the pulse has got my enviroment tweaked to near perfeftion and also alerts me of anything off 24/7

Life saver and almost every round the pulse saves my ass. Worth every penny and than some


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want cheap cbd/cbg/delta8/10/THC-O and non delta 9? = 50% off for Black Friday sale!
before I grew any cbd I got a few oz’s from them, not bad at all exp for this price



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Hundred bucks off on this big bad boy.

Who's ready to sqiush a pound of dab! Just add heated plate.


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Ardent FX............. $250's time :) 20% off for cyber monday CYBER is the code

It’s back - 30% this time. Beats Amazon Cyber Monday deal. Grabbed one. Code is all over the site.
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