Greetings from the Great White North :)

Mr Toast

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Hey Gang..
I just joined as this site was referred to me by another Cannabis enthusiast. I've been growing both photos and Autos for a number of years now (both indoors and out)...I am an avid "chucker". My primary goal has been to produce a "Quality" outdoor strain that will finish on the prairies in our shorter growing season.. Otherwise, enjoying my hobby indoors and swapping beans with other cannabis friends...For me, I focus on quality, cuz like a like person who brings home made wine to a party...You never want to embarrass yourself by bringing crap!...chuckle.


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Welcome to phenohunter @Mr Toast. You will fit right in! Start up a journal in the journal section. You can provide updates on your progress, as I'm sure you have some good things to share, and some others are probably interested in what your trying to accomplish.

Mr Toast

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WELCOME! That third shot is a wild looking plant.
Yeah, its a cool mutation, my buddy got it from somewhere a few years back while he was stomping around the globe...He grew it out when he got home in his yard...didnt have a male so he made some fem seeds...He gave me some beans, a couple which I grew in the yard...before the hail smoked it..Nice plant...Got to be about 7 feet high. ..buds didnt finish...I made some fem seed too, but going to work on breeding it a bit more...turn it into an Autoflower for some buddies who live in areas where Cannabis is frowned upon. :)..

Heres a shot just before the hail destroyed it :(


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Tilts at Tables
(both indoors and out)
I have seen buried shipping containers, converted school bus, even chicken coop grows.
That would be the first front wheel drive 'coupe' grow, I ever did see.

Super happy to meet ya , Tst ! ,,,errr, Mr. Tst.
There is no shortage of Canuks here, eh?
Some have green tags, mine is red.

Working on auto's for outdoors ?
Seems light 12-12 and frost arrive in the same month around here.
I would love to hear anything and everything about your outdoor adventures.
If I learned how to grow outdoor weed, up here in the Palliser ,,,I would completely turn my back on civilized culture.
Now, learn me how to grow coffee up here,,,I will drop off the face of the earth.
,,,even more so
Raise my 'unscannable' children on the Milk, live happily ever after.

Mr Toast

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Hey Jewels..

Good to hear from you...I don't think there is such a thing as civilized culture anymore...Seems like everyone is angry for one reason or another...Regardless of where you live..

I think we have to fast-track cannabis legalization around the world and get everyone to chill out and have a little more compassion for one another..



Tilts at Tables
.I don't think there is such a thing as civilized culture anymore...
Faith, brother.
If everything was awesomez nothing would suck.
There is no bunny cycle ,,,without the coyote.

This is the first day
of my last days

I built it up
now I take it apart

climbed up real high
now fall down
Real far

No need for me to stay
the last thing left
I just threw it away



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How do I do a fist bump or high five or I don't think "likes" just cut it :)
Welcome Mr Toast, glad you found your way over. Looks like you'll fit in just fine.

On the likes - on your phone, hold down the like then a little menu pops up. On PC, hover over the like for the menu.

@Deebs is spot on, you should start a Grow Journal. Great tool to keep track and showcase your grow.

When you get the chance, check out :

I post updates to the site there regularly. Good tips on site usage and functionality. One of the latest posts shows all the point values for each type of "like."

Enjoy (y)
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