Growing anything other than weed?


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I did 2 quarts of bells the other day. Peppers are kicking some ass this year!! But here come those pole a lb a day right now off 2 plants and there are many more stagger planted out there......It's going to be ab epic year for beans!!

Meanwhile, the corn patch took a beat down from 2 days of heavy hurricane rain.......knocked them flat fro being top heavy in the wind. I re-supported them with some clothesline.........just in time for the hurricane bs that's about to open up in an hour.
Cukes....good year......getting cuke beetle damage now..end is near
Sweet Potatoes...who knows really, they are all in planters.they are healthy but I really expected more foilage
Winter Squash.......vine borers decimated everything but I'll get a dozen assorted out of the deal
Tomatoes...... many of the beefsteaks are giving up, but the cherries, and opalkas are over 7' and still growing
Sunflowers.........been a boom year
Chard.........boom year much we couldn't look at it, lol..........the 2nd round is ready for harvest now!
Onions.......waste of time, might replant them again, puny. Also debating seed, I think I may do better there.
Radishes......did hundreds and looking for places to start sticking in the fall crop now
Scallions......first year and they did well. I really like having these around both to eat fresh and cook with.
Strawberries......... not bad for what I had in the ground.., focusing on transplants to a new bed. the canes for next year. Epic harvest this year.
Summer squash.........a bust due to borers. I have some started later, still in the game.
Pumpkins......initial ones are eaten by borers but latter ones actually look good

That's the state of the garden for 2021............I'm gonna give a 6.5 of 10 rating ;)


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20210820_195208.jpgLimbs broke on the banana pepper, so I guess there ready lol some are a little green but not to bad. Last couple jars I made of pepperocinis I put a couple of the thai dragons split in there, it gave them just a little bit of heat and cut the sweet back. Me and my buddy agree that is the way to do it. Also have been drying out the thai dragons to grind up.20210820_195212.jpg20210822_114917.jpg

Tobasco plant has started to turn and so has the scotch bonnet.20210822_115436.jpg


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Ready for this guy, never had one before and just recently found out they have a bit of heat to them. 20210830_085908.jpg20210830_085925.jpg
Thai dragon still going like crazy20210831_072340.jpg
I'm over 150 harvested so far. I ground up the 111 I had dried.20210822_150345.jpg
It's a creeper, so ready for chili season.

Getting ready to start harvesting the tobasco, tobasco orange has become one of my favorite colors. The tobasco can produce very vivid colors.20210831_072418.jpg20210831_072437.jpg
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