High dose LSD experiences


In Bloom
hello, so I'm just curious as to how doses above 500ug affect other people compared to myself, a few trips ago I took 900ug and at that point whenever I would rest my eyes on anything for more than 1 second my vision was instantly consumed by fractals and I would insta try be swallow Ed d into my imagination, as in I couldn't see my hand in front of my face,

And a few times on trips like these i begin to perceive time differently, as though I had gone outside eof time and could see it as a physical dimension, each moment of time was like a metallic plate and these would constantly stack ok n each other in a twisting movement that formed this snake type thing, and then I would see the snake from its head on so it appears more like a flat surface, almost as if you took a cloth napkin and laid it out then pinched it in the very middle pulled up and twisted,

And this twist was our normal perceptions and there was an understanding dj g that none of us really perceive the current moment but we are constantly interpreting a moment that has just past, so we are living in a way that we are always just a moment behind the actual present progression Of time. But as I saw and understood this the twist would come undone and I would be able for a flash of a moment perceive the white hot knife that is the present moment
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