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it’s been shown that iso 70% will be more efficient but 90% doesn’t because it evaporates too quickly. Like bleach , it may “kill 99.9%”, but that’s why it’s not a virusicide or agriculture grade because not only if your room is removing humidity and it’s harmful, it can’t even kill so many virus or molds.

iso 70% and treat every tool or anything touching a plant with iso or virucide like physan 20 or procure v

treat your plants like your a doctor to each patient, to many people dont think like that and no wonder they have cross contamination of their virus or issues Including pest.

my way of doing this as a prevention is every plant or clipping, have my scissors in a holder of iso 70% and then I have a spray bottle of iso 70% as well for my hands or anything else that needs to be sprayed that has plant contact . biggest reason why many states the whole clone scene after better lab testing of tissue they had such a high population and still do of this virus and others. Or even shows 10% of seeds are born with that disease ( a lot of people see infected plants as dudds or runts, a lot of the time it’s infected from birth or after )

so far after switching my ways of deleafing to cleaning my hands inbetween and making sure to be anal about these rules. My plants are bomb Inless it’s a runt trial plant. Think that was one of my issues back in the day and you would call a good plant for so long and then it becomes a “dudd “ or sickly plant.

not like these kind of virus haven’t been around , they didn’t just appear cause veggies and misc that could use better tech labs to test their tissue , it showed similar issues.

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