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Tilts at Tables
I cant stop the pop
Lets get down and dirty baby

Taking Jags lead on this one. I have been staring at these for a bit, wishing they would grow themselves.
You are welcome to eyeball them yourself,perhaps that will help.

Fastbuds Tangiematic Fems
C/O @burntst.
He also included some Auto regs.
His own making, Genisis
I still do not have a spot Outdoors where these will get direct sunlight. Necessity is the mother of invention , this will work itself out. I am going to run them all, as I mean to collect pollen from any males to chuck back at the Tangies.

This bean is in the wings for fall crop.
Grew this before.
Was awesome. Fell all over itself to impress me.

Tangie cross, F1 from an Auto. Would be fun to work them up to full auto again. As I understand it, the first step is already done.


Tilts at Tables
Yup yup
Both right.
I still have plenty of my Dec. harvest.
May harvest was equal~ perhaps larger.
Realistically, I got zero dollars for weed pursuits. In the spirit of dutifully embracing poverty, lets make this a zero budget run.

Only got two choices here, I can park my thumb in my ass for a few months , or grow some autos.

Auto is short for Automatic , right?
Should grow itself, No ?😳

Truth be told, I originally cocked up this seed exchange. Tried to smooth it over,,,still carrying disheartenment.
Not keen on conflict beans,,, it just happens to be where I find myself.
So again - flow chart. It is these or nothing.
Pride is a human construct.
I just wanna grow some weeds!

Inferno Mike

In Bloom
Experience and knowledge are only accumulated during adversity.
,,, if everyone just sat around nodding their head at me, I'd end up a dumfuk.
I feel the same way, but not everyone does and it was not my intention to offend. I love your flowchart, like, a lot. I agree that facing adversity is one of the big ways we all learn stuff.

Only got two choices here, I can park my thumb in my ass for a few months , or grow some autos.
There is a third path. Do both, that's how I run game. 🏆


Tilts at Tables
and it was not my intention to offend

Not at all.
If someone sys " I am offended "
Perhaps what they actually mean to say is
" I am emotionally unequipped to enjoy your humour "

Nah, in the heat of the moment, it would be my dominant 'righty' jumping to the task.
That would only leave me with 'old lefty' free , and I need that hand for smoking doobs.


Cannabis Chaotician
Looking forward to this Jewels! I have some of those Genesis autos from Toast as well but I haven't had a chance to get them wet. I need to dunk some of his ripper crosses as well. I said I didn't have time for outdoors but maybe a couple autos in the greenhouse?? It's a consideration at least....


Tilts at Tables
Yous dudes are stink'n inspirational.
Thumb engaged. Shoulder to wheel.
Been raining a bit. Keeping up with Zero budget, I harvested some soft JohnDeere rain water.
Snuck in a couple of these
Desert dweller that can be shockered into flower.
I believe this will be a fair test of my climate. If these wont finish- nothing will. At any rate , I may come out with some fast landrace 100% Sativa pollen.

Keep'r loose , Ferno 😜


Tilts at Tables
Hey @MacGydro , found a recipie,,,

Production process of FE decomposer A total of 1 kg of wet feces from Bali cattle mixed with 1 kg of brown sugar (ratio 1: 1). The mixture was supplemented with 500 mL of aquadest and then homogenized by using the mixer at 100 rpm for 10 min. The FE was subsequently fed into an anaerobic and natural fermented in the plastic container for 14 days

Production process of RBE decomposer As much as 1 kg of root from local bananas, aged 2-3 years milled using a grinder to form a slurry. Furthermore, it is added to 100 g of brown sugar and 2 L of waste from rice washing process. The mixture was homogenized and subsequently inserted into a sealed plastic container. The fermentation process carried out on the an-anaerobic basis for 14 days

The paper means to illustrate the effectiveness of different 'rennet' sources.
Local decomposers vs. Storebought.

I have been using leaf sludge , pond scrapings, toasterleavings, and EWC

The paper has some interesting datas on methods, times, PH and other outcomes.
Kinda forgot now,,, I may recall that 1unit of finished product is ready to use diluted to 20:1

Being as I am soFinglazy. I have developed my own method.
-Line pans with finished compost
-layer of timothy hay
-allow bunny time to fill
-top up with water and leave filled trays in backyard under direct sunlight
- top up as needed


In Bloom
Damn, just your summary sounds way over my head, let alone the science in the article!

I was really hoping for something close to as simple as the weeds/sugar recipe I started lol

Sounds like your formula has definitely simplified things a bit.
Gotta learn some recipe though, cuz there's plenty of bunny droppings around here to use. I know the volunteer plants growing in the pile out back are happy as hell, so something's working!


Tilts at Tables
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