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so I thought I would share my tek, while all the methods for extraction are similar, the little things I've learned alo g the way has made for certain techniques and methods that help along the way.

99%pure lye
non-iodine table salt
Vm&p naptha (amazon)

Magnetic stir/hotplate -large stirbars
Ptfe all plastic 500ml seperator funnel (amazon) - plastic not glass
Pressure cooker - any size
2,000ml beaker
Glass turkey baster
10ml dropper
5ml dropper
Small square Pyrex dish like 8x8

To start you want to put an "X" amount (between 100 grams and 1 kilo) of MHRB into your pressure cooker. Then fill with white vinegar until its about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way covering the bark, cant use too much but no need to waste, then use g DISTILLED WATER ONLY fill the pot until about double the height of the bark.

Place lid on pressure cooker and you can place the weight on right away. Turn the heat only up to halfway, you dont want it going full power. Let it build up its pressure and if the rocker starts going crazy lower the heat until its still rocking but not going crazy.

Let this run for 3 hours.
Turn off heat and allow to cool overnight.

Now personally I just pour the COOLED liquid straight out of the pot I tk the 2000ml beaker, just dont let the bark fall in. Fill it up to about 1500ml and put a stirbar in.

If this was all your liquid then add more vinegar and distilled water and start it up again same as last time

Put the beaker on the mag stirrer and start it stirring ,you wan tit to stir as fast as possible without throwing the stirbar off, be careful stirbars can shatter beakers if large enough and spun too fast and thrown off. I use large oval shaped stirbars

Put 50% vinegar and 50% water in a spray bottle and keep it next to you.

If lye.spills spray with this immediately to neutralize the lye

Open the lye and VERY SLOWLY begin to sprinkle/pour it into the solution, pour slowly if you dump too fast it can foam up and over the top. You will see the liquid chur in and changing color, usually i see a brownish white that churns and slowly moves its way to the top, keep adding lye.

With the lye for a 2000ml beaker a half a cup should be more than enough the entire solution. Should turn a black or very dark brown. When adding lye to the liquid it will get VERY VEEY VERY hot this is why I say use a beaker, they are made from treated glass, do not use a Mason jar or glass pot, only true lab glass is treated and able to withstand the fast and large temperature change, a Mason jar or regular glass will shatter and spill lye everywhere.

At this point open your plain non-iodine- table salt and also begin sprinkling it into the beaker, im guessing about 3 tablespoons is plenty.

Turn off the magnetic stirrer.Now with this entire mixture spinning you want to get out your vm&p naphtha, pour in naptha, it will float on top of the solution, i pour in enough to give it a 1 inch layer above the solution.
Turn the magnetic stirrer back on and also turn the heat on halfway, for the heat you will have to find your own right temp, amicably you want the liquid hot, loke very hot to the touch, but if you get it too hot the naptha will start to boil and evaporate very fast. So below that point but definantly warm to hot.

I put a round plastic bowl over the top of my beaker to prevent evaporation, anything you can do to cover the beaker is good to prevent evaporation.

Allow this to stir and heat for at least 3 hours, sometimes ill let it run overnight.

When you go to check It after the stir time you should see a very yellow naptha when its stirring for me at least j can still see a layer of naptha that stays seperated.x
Turn off the stirrer and heat. Allow it to sit for 5 to 10 minutes.

Then using your turkey baster do your best to suck up the naptha layer while getting as little of the black layer as possible, and squeeze it out into the 500ml plastic ptfe seperatory funnel, make sure your stopcock is in the closed.position. whe. The naptha layer gets very thin use the 10ml then 5ml if needed to get as much of that naptha as possible its OK if you get some black in.

Allow it to settle in the sep funnel the. Very very carefully let the black liquid drain, you dont want to do it in more than 10 second intervals, it will make a cyclone and suck the top layer down and out. Once you get down to the last bit of black.liquid just leave it in.

So now you need to examine the naptha, and you'll know what to see the more you do it, hot naptha can hold more dmt than cold naptha, so when you were sucking the naptha up into the baster if you noticed that it would start turning milky white then it is absolutely filled

If you swirl it around and blow into the funel and you see any milkyness begin to form then your naptha is full. If it is milky skip ahead to **

If it does not show any signs of milkyness and stays clear yellow set the funnel to the side well return to it later.

Now your going to add more naptha to the beaker, turn kn the stirrer and the heat once more, this time add half the amount of naptha. Allow to stir as before 3 hour to overnight

If your naptha WASNT milky then seperate and add the naptha together in the sep funnel

Repeat this once more with half of the previous amount of naptha,, normally if my first pull was milky I will do 3 more after that, if it wasn't milky ill do 2 more.

At this point the black liquid is finished. I pour it into an empty water jug, or milk jug, these are pp5 and won't melt if the liquid is hot

Now if you had liquid left in the pressure cooker then pour more into the beaker Again up to 1500, if you DIDNT have more liquid and your making more you MUST wait for the liquid to be cool to the touch warm is ok, if you add lye to hot liquid it will foam up and overflow very very very very fast and easily, done it many times make sure the liquid is cool.

Once the lye and salt solution is mixed and stirring if your naptha WASNT milky pour all of it into the beaker and let it stir 3 hours-overnight and collect into the funnel again.

At this point the naptha should be very very dark yellow it may be light but it will definantly be heavily colored. If the liquid shows any signs of milky streaks or turning milky looking skip ahead to **

If the liquid is still clear return it to sep funnel and set aside, do 2 more clean naptha pulls and add them to the sep funnel.

Repeat these steps for at least 3 cooks of the bark.


Once you see milky streaks or any sign of milkyness , this means your naptha is at full capacity and can hold no more dmt. There are 2 ways to go from here personally I evaporate my naptha.

Make sure all of the black liquid is out of the seperatory funnel, very very carefully let it drip thru the stopcock until all the black is gone without loosing any naptha.

Get your small square pyrex dish and pour the naptha OUT oF THE TOP into the pyrex dish, out of the top makes sure you dont get any residual black liquid.

Get a pot and fill it with hot water, if you have an ELECTRIC STOVEONLY****DO NOTNUSE FIRE ANYWHERE!! place the pyrex dish into the pot of water the dish should NEVER touch the bottom of the pot, it should float the entire time if you need to refill the water during the evaporatio. Then do it, never let the dish touch the bottom., turn the heat up on the stove to half power, and with a small fan have it blowing closely and directly into the glass dish.

The naptha will evaporate relatively quickly usually 30 mins or so, you know its fully evaporated because there will be a liquid goo that slowly runs from ones side eof the dish to the other and it should smell NOTHING like naptha.

As long as the dish isn't touching the bottom of the pan you can leave it on there for as long as you like and it won't be harmed whatsoever. Just dont let it touch the bottom!! (Ill stop now lol)

Even after it looks finished let it sit another 5 to 10 mins just to be sure you really don't want any naptha left.

Remove the glas dish.

You can let the dish sit until the dmt recrystalozes and scrape it up with a razor

Or if your impatient like me, use the razor edge to spread the goo out thin folding it over and over, and occasionally aly use a second razor to scrape the buildup off the razor, you will see it dry into a hard su stance very fast,, scrape it up and chopnit up you got urself some goodies!!!
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