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If you send me some of the snips of the extras, I will dry them and do a smoke report for you. You can thank me in advance haha. Seriously though, I hope the cuts that you took a chance on end up rooting for you. I know the feeling when I have already flipped to flower and realize a week later that I need cuttings to keep the cut in my garden haha. Luckily, the 2 times that has occurred, the cuttings have actually ended up rooting. Positive vibes...



About to call time of death on the Chem D clone. Bastard just won't root for me. Had 3 cuts 2 really yellowed and wilted, 3rd one seemed like it was still trying but I'm done waiting. Its ugly and frustrating. Moving on. Overall pretty successful past few weeks/months. Two arrived useless, I got stiffed on one and now am giving up on the Chem D but the other 29 are doing well.

SLH is a few days into flower and already showing how little it likes nutes. She got full strength Dyna Gro once so far. Serious clawing going on. She'll get 1/2 strength once a week until she asks for more. Rest are all loving life. Blue Dream and Glue are nitrogen whores from what I've read so will have 3 different feeds going for 11 plants the same stage of flower. So happy with my new toys.

Blue Dream is a pretty plant
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