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Hello everyone! Was referred here by a buddy for some cool chats, info, and logs!
I'm MisterPfffff (my handle on IG as well).

Been growing 8 years now and finally confident enough to start making my own beans.
I started last year by f2'ing Cap's MAC and Cheese for personal stock, to hunt through more without paying for more packs and to try my hand at selecting and using a male.

Last november I finished my Strawberries & Cream f2 project hitting a few mothers I phenohunted the previous run.
I hit G6 (Cookie Jar x Chocolate Frosting) by Honest Genetics, Sophiesbreath as well as Pure Michigan 2.0 by Thugpug, MAC and Cheese by Cap, and Banana Puddintain by Swamp Boys.
Tossed a bunch of testers out as freebies to share the love and get some feedback.

Testing out my G6 cross now and this is how it's looking so far

This year, within a month or two, I plan on starting a project I've had my mind on since 2012. Working Orgnkid's Banana OG into my own lines.
It drove me nuts that most breeders just use famed cuts for crosses and move on - I want the banana terp completely locked into seed - with a few variations here and there depending on the cross. Zoolander is the only fella I'm aware of that's actually working the line in depth.

So I've decided to create Banana OG bx1 - for a solid foundation line to use males from, for outcrossing to other banana crosses (not exclusively).
I'm receiving the Orgnkid cut soon sourced through a breeder, and plan to hit a male from Zoolander's Banana OG f3 to it for the initial bx.

I then plan to hit a bx male to a keeper female from Inhouse's Iced Bananas (Banana OG orgnkid cut x Platinum (reversed)) fems in hopes of frost content and potency from the Platinum, while staying mostly true to the Orgnkid cut genetics.

This is how the plans look this far - and plan to continue on from there with other Banana crosses I've got tucked away in the vault.
I mentioned this plan to both Orgnkid and Zoo and both were thrilled to hear that someone wanted to work with it (even though I'm extremely small-time).
Zoo only plans to F4 and Orgn is making a new Banana 2.0 from the original OG Kush x Sag60/40 seedstock. So all 3 projects are still different from eachother.


I'll leave it at that for the moment!
Sorry for the ranting! Just excited about finally getting the chance to do Banana some justice out there.


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all the smoking I have been doing over the years. I have yet to smell or taste banana... Im down for this one.

You'll be in for a treat! (hopefully xD)
First time I smoked 'Banana Kush' was down in San Diego roughly 15 years ago and the flavor completely matched that divine smell. It has since remained my favorite terp profile of all time.

Run a bunch of banana strains with little luck in that department (Banana Puddintain was the closest to it but had overpowering GMO terps too).
That's why a simple cross to the Org cut just isn't enough. (n) Game onnnn.


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hello and welcome! so when we say banana are we talking real banana or candy banana? always wondered that.

I would say Banana candy isn't far off. Orgnkid told me that when he crossed the OG to the Sag's 60/40 that most of them came out 'sweet' and he kept 2 phenos that smelled like Banana.

That said, I've heard people reference things everywhere from banana candy, to banana peels, over ripe banana peels, rotten bananas....on crosses using his cut. So I'd suppose that depending on what it was hit to you'd find more than just the sweet terp but it appears to be the baseline from my understanding.


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Hello and welcome @Misterpfffff . Glad to have you on board, looks like you have your sights set :phenohunt:

This my man y’all....pop a ton a beans from different breeders....hoping he can help expand our seeds and strains as well as seedbank reviews section (I know put u on the spot) being as though he’s dealt with so many
goMM my dude, good lookin out, he's for sure gonna be a great addition to our community since he's associated with you ???


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Thanks gents, appreciate the welcome! I'll be peeking over threads and getting in on the discussions over the next couple days for sure!

That's something that lacks on IG - actual discussion and interest in really sharing ideas.
Can't wait to see what some of you guys are cookin up behind the curtains.

Whatever I create I will always be willing to fire out some testers too! I used to love testing for breeders. Tested something for Exotic in the past, few for Tonygreenhand, Relentless Genetics, and although gifted the unreleased tester pack by a 3rd party - Thugpug as well.

Love giving feedback and detail on the things going on with people's strains. I'll admit I don't know much about the topic of genetics - but I'm darn sure willing to try and learn a thing or two to improve my methods if that type of thing is spoken about anywhere around here :cool:

? and thanks goMM for the connect! Perfect name on this place haha.


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actual discussion and interest in really sharing ideas.
you're fitting in already. sounds like you "get it" ? I dare say there is nowhere else like this on the internet. You've found us.
I don't know much about the topic of genetics - but I'm darn sure willing to try and learn a thing or two to improve my methods if that type of thing is spoken about anywhere around here :cool:
that is one of the main reasons we are here. let's learn discover and learn together ?:phenohunt:
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