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I joined the GRAV family of smoking accessories 🙂 This was on my xmas list but had no takers or I should say buyers lol so....I bought anyways

I feel like the smoke is a bit cooler after passing through the bulbous portion of the stem or maybe it's in my head. Hits feel cooler than any straight stem pipe I currently own. Also being as I smoke alone 99% of the time the bowl size allows just enuff herb to get me where I need to be.

PXL_20240102_145512228.jpg PXL_20240102_145610328.jpg PXL_20240102_145222615.MP.jpg

I'm diggin it so far and the color is cool...

For my birthday (Dec 19) I got this piece. As a Michigan Wolverines fan the last 33 years it's taken 26 years to get back to the College Football Championship. I said that if they win it all again next Monday I will smoke out of it. If not it will just be a nice piece to go with all my other Michigan gear/stuff.

GO BLUE!〽️🏈🏆
Hail to the Victors

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